Sweet Running Machines - the film | Sweet Running Machines - the film
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The 70-minute documentary.

Filmed in Tasmania, Australia in 2015 by Apple Republic Films.


“It’s not only about fixing old equipment… It’s about a man-made miracle”.


“Passion and a sense of camaraderie helped them to survive the economic downturn”.

A co-production with AppleRepublic Films and the Redwater Creek Steam and Heritage Society.  Tasmania. All rights reserved, 2015 ©

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“’Sweet Running Machines’ serves as a tribute to the community’s achievements, capturing the setbacks and triumphs encountered in preserving the district’s industrial and agricultural heritage and turning it into a money-spinner.”  BOFA Film Festival

BOFA LAurel Black on CLear SML
Pub Run, Sheffield 1100×448 SRM
Layer Slider 1100×448 SRM WOOD
History explained – the steam bus 1100×448 SRM
Road Run motive power1100x448 SRM
Suzie1100x448 SRM
Fellahs 1100×448 SRM
Early days 1100×448 SRM
Layer Slider 1100×448 SRM TRACTOR
Train arriving in Sheffield station with the Hunslett 1100×448
Layer Slider 1100×448 SRM PALM
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Layer Slider 1100×448 OLD BOYS
Layer Slider 1100×448 SRM LYKA
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Tractor 1100×448 SRM
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Portraying the results of a 20-year revitalisation, this documentary shows how a small Tasmanian community in Sheffield won the battle of ‘to be or not to be’ – triggered by the economy forcing people to seek life-opportunities outside their home-town.

The rescue plan was invented by the community itself in two stages. Firstly, to convert Sheffield into a tourist-oriented ‘Town of Murals’. The second stage creates a self-perpetuating working and exhibiting space based on a steam railway and the ‘big shed’ – a workshop where the preservation of industrial and agricultural heritage takes place through maintenance and inter-generational skills-transmission.

Collectively, they have rescued numerous steam-powered traction-engines, steam-rollers, steam locomotives and agricultural machines from being scrapped.  By saving industrial heritage, the Redwater Creek Steam and Historical Society empowers the memory of the epoch when Tasmania had the status of ‘the bread-basket’ for early European-Australia.


“A film of passion, anthropomorphism and redemption.” 
‘The Examiner’
“It’s not just a bunch of old machines, it’s actually a documentary about community getting off its backside.”
Owen Tilbury, director at BOFA Film Festival, Launceston.


Radio 3NRG, Melbourne, 14 NOVEMBER 2015

WHEEL 400X400



Copyright, Apple Republic Films.